About Surround Air

Division of Indoor Purification Systems, LLC

Surround Air is a multi-million dollar division of Indoor Purification Systems, Inc. which has been in the air purifier business since 1999. Surround Air has been in existence since 2001. IPS and Surround Air currently operate out of a 10,000 square foot warehouse and office complex.

Trusted Service Long After Your Purchase

The top priorities of the customer service staff are to educate and to ensure that the customer is happy at almost any cost, both before and after you buy. Even years after your purchase, Surround Air will still be in business, and ready to take care of you. 

Technical Service and Repair Department

Indoor Purification Systems, Inc. has a full-time staff that is trained and highly experienced in repairing Surround Air purifiers. In which case, you can be comforted that virtually anything that goes wrong with your Surround Air purifier can be fixed.

Knowledgeable Customer Service Staff

When you call or email Surround Air, you are greeted with a rep that is trained and experienced in the complex field of air purification, as well as indoor air quality in general.

Research and Development

Surround Air uses clinical testing labs to verify the effectiveness and safety of its air purifier products, and to help in developing new products that pioneer the frontier of air purification.

Shipping and Parts Department

The Surround Air shipping and parts department is designed to ship out your order quickly and correctly, while also sending any spare parts (along with instructions on how to install) that may be needed in a quick fashion, after your air purifier is already in use.