Intelli-Pro 3 (IP3) Air Purifier
5 proven air-cleaning stages for virtually every pollutant type, plus super-powerful fan and sensor technology


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Air-cleaning technologies that are tested and recommended by Government Agencies

Sensor technology monitors air quality, performance & filter life

5 advanced purification technologies to remove nearly all pollutant types

Auto mode adjusts fan speed according to pollution level

Cleanable, high-efficiency, True HEPA filter for dust & allergens

180-cfm fan for high efficiency and large coverage area

Brushless DC motor for smooth, quiet operation

Highly-absorbent activated carbon filter for odors & chemicals

Emits air-cleaning negative ions

Germ-killing UV lamps

Photocatalytic odor/VOC/bacteria filter

Sixteen UV mini-lamps to widen germicidal kill-zone




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Spare HEPA + Carbon Filter
Lasts about 12 months
Price: $44
Free shipping if purchased w/air purifier

Spare Photocatalytic Filter
Lasts about 2-3 years
Price: $33
Free shipping if purchased w/air purifier


Product Detail

  • The pollution sensor lets you know whether the ambient air quality is Clean, Unclean or In Between, removing the guesswork.
  • Select "Automatic" mode to maximize performance and energy savings, while keeping sound level as low as needed. Fan speed is automatically adjusted according to pollution level.
  • Diagnostic sensors indicate when to replace the filters.
Five Proven Air-Cleaning Technologies:

True, Cleanable HEPA Filter for the most effective protection against dust & allergens, such as pollen, ragweed, mites and mold spores. Recommended by the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Centers of Disease Control. Furthermore, the IP3 HEPA is cleanable, drastically extending the life of the filter and in doing so, drastically reducing replacement costs. (More Info)

Germicidal UV Lamp to destroy micro-organisms such as germs, viruses, bacteria and fungi (such as mold toxins). Recommended by the U.S. Centers of Disease Control and the Air Institute of Respiratory Education. Also disinfects the micro-organisms that are trapped in the HEPA filter, which is why the CDC recommends using a germicidal UV lamp and HEPA air filter together. In addition to this, with its sixteen UV mini-lamps that do not require replacement, the IP3 provides hassle-free germicidal performance. (More Info)

Activated Carbon Filter for chemicals, gases, odors and cigarette smoke. The most absorbent filter material known to man. Recommended by the Centers of Disease Control, the Dept. of Health and Human Services and the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. (More Info)

Ionizer which disperses negative ions to seek out and remove particles & bacteria from the air. Proven by government studies to be effective, and to enhance performance of filters. Found to be highly effective in multiple U.S. Dept. of Agriculture studies. (More Info)

Photocatalyst Oxidation Filter which effectively reduces chemicals, bacteria and odors. Found to be highly effective in tests commissioned by the U.S. Dept. of Energy. (More Info)

Other Important Benefits:

Low Replacement Costs. Even with 5 purification stages, the IP3 replacement costs are quite low. The photocatalytic filter will typically last 3-5 years before needing to be replaced, and the HEPA filter is cleanable, extending its life and further reducing replacement costs. And unlike most UV air purifiers, there are no bulbs to replace either. The revolutionary UV mini-lamps of the IP3 will last more than five years if left to operate continuously, and longer than this if not run continuously.

Large Coverage Area as a result of the extremely powerful fan. Covers up to 600 square feet.

Extremely Powerful Fan (180 Cubic Feet per Minute - cfm). Increases air filtration capacity by maximizing the number of air exchanges every hour.

Extremely Quiet Operation. Equipped with a brushless, DC motor, the IP3 runs very quietly for the amount of power it provides.

Low Energy Usage, using a mere 55 watts of power (on the high setting). Automatic and Sleep modes are available for even greater energy savings.


The 16 UV mini-lamps widen the germicidal kill-zone

The IP3 mini-lamps are arrayed in a formation that maximizes the germicidal killing zone, unlike most UV air purifiers, which typically offer only a single lamp. The ultraviolet rays radiated by these lamps destroy the micro-organisms that are drawn through the air purifier, along with those that are trapped in the filters. This includes germs, viruses, bacteria and fungi, such as mold.




IP3 Diagram:





Love the sensor - great product
 5/5 Stars
By: RuthAnna Autry

We have two 8400 units for our bedrooms and theintelli-pro 3 in our main living area. We love that it knows to kick on higher when it detects more pollutants in the air. The other day we came home after work and had forgotten to take out the trash. The machine was running full blast! Shortly after taking out the trash it went back down. It gives us peace of mind knowing that the air we are breathing is clean. Thank you Surround Air!

Great for sleeping
 5/5 Stars
By: J. Lind

We have used 2Multi-Tech XJ-3000D that worked very well for several years. When one of the fan motors stopped working we upgraded to anIntelli-Pro 3 and we are very pleased with how quickly it cleans the air. We also use it in the bedroom for sleeping, on quite mode you cannot hear the motor and the room stays fresh.

Intelli-Pro 3
 5/5 Stars
By: Sally Farwell

Love this air purifier, best one I've ever had. It works great, is quiet and I love that it turns itself up when it needs to. I plan to buy another one for another room of my house.

It really works!!!
 5/5 Stars
By: Steve Kauffman

Very quiet, immediate improvement, great circulations, it does all we hoped it would do. I plan to buy another one for our basement.

Great product
 5/5 Stars
By: L. Bernard

i really feel that this unit is doing what I expected it to do.. so far I really like it.


Excerpts of Customer Reviews from Amazon:
"I will tell you what, this machine kicked my allergies to the curb." - Uncle Ted

"Fresh air and Super quiet." - DNASCT

"I am amazed at the low cost and its extreme quality." - Ds

"My allergies are gone my daughter has not gotten sick yet. And I cannot believe how much time I do not spend dusting." - Hanke Family

"Excellent air cleaner. The auto clean function works perfect ..." - Compman

"I can't believe how much better the house smells." - Midori

"Wife stopped sneezing within two days ..." - Rob

"Cleared up our allergies ..." - Chris in Appalachia

"Tried this unit in a house with a very serious pollution problem. On HIGH setting works very well in my small bedroom (less than 150 sq ft). Although I can see smoke outside, inside smells and feels I'm in the mountains somewhere." - xingxing



U.S. Government Recommendations

U.S. Government studies and recommendations that validate technologies used in the Intelli-Pro 3 air purifier.

Recommendation for Using HEPA Air Filter and UV Light Together

U.S. Centers of Disease Control Recommends Air Purifier with both HEPA Filter and UV Light.The CDC recommends the use of germicidal ultraviolet (UV) light and HEPA air filters together for the optimal combination of both capturing and destroying microbes. The Intelli-Pro 3 includes both a True HEPA filter and a germicidal UV lamp.

Recommendations for HEPA Air Filter

Recommended by Dept. of Homeland Security.

HEPA air filters were developed by the Atomic Energy Commission during the second World War. They were originally designed to remove radio active dust from their plants. (HEPA Air Filter Research)

Recommendations for Germicidal UV Light (Ultraviolet)

Specified by U.S. Gov't to be used in government buildings to control micro-organisms.

The Centers of Disease Control (CDC) recommends UV lights in homeless shelters to prevent the spread of disease, particularly TB (tuberculosis).

(UV Light Research)

Recommendations for Ionizer/Negative Ion Air Purification

Found by U.S. Dept. of Agriculture (U.S.D.A.) to be highly effective against dust and bacteria. The U.S.D.A. discovered the following in recent studies conducted in a poultry house, which are notoriously polluted:

  • Reduced salmonella (bacteria) transmission between chicks by 98%.
  • Reduced airborne salmonella (bacteria) by 95%.
  • Reduced airborne dust & particles by 99% in just 60 seconds.

 (Air Ionizer/Negative Ion Research)

Recommendation for TiO2/Photocatalytic Oxidation

U.S. Department of Energy found that photocatalytic oxidation air purification destroyed VOC chemicals with impressive effectiveness, even at high air flow rates.

(TiO2 / Photocatalytic Studies)

Recommendation for Activated Carbon Filters

In multiple studies commissioned by the U.S. Dept. of Energy, found to be very effective at removing organic chemicals. Recommended by the Centers of Disease Control, Dept. of Health and Human Services, and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

Originally used in World War II to protect U.S. soldiers from chemical warfare agents.

(Activated Carbon Filter Facts and Studies)




Pollutant Types Removed by the Intelli-Pro 3 Air Purifier

 Pollutant Types Removed:

Type Rating Type Rating


















Just some of the many types of pollutants removed by the Intelli-Pro 3:

Dust/Dust Mites. The Hepa air filter in the Intelli-Pro 3 is highly effective at capturing solid particles such as dust and dust mites. According to the Journal of Hygiene, ionizers help to increase the efficiency of filters by causing airborne particles to conglomerate, making them easier to capture in the filtration material. Plus, negative ions also cause airborne particles to precipitate out of the air you breathe, and have been found to be extremely effective at controlling dust without the presence of a filter, through studies conducted by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture. UV light can be deadly for dust mites.

Bacteria. Much of the bacteria floating around in the air can be effectively captured by the Hepa air filter, while the germicidal UV lamp serves to disinfect the bacteria trapped by the Hepa filter. Plus, according to studies by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, negative ion-producing ionizers are extremely effective at reducing airborne bacteria. The Intelli-Pro 3 also includes a photocatalytic oxidation filter, a technology which has been proven to be effective at destroying bacteria.

Pollen and Other Allergens. Hepa air filters are the most commonly recommended filter for allergens, and are generally considered the most effective type against them. Negative ion-producing ionizers increase the efficiency of filters by causing airborne particles to conglomerate, making them easier to capture. Plus, negative ions also cause airborne particles to precipitate out of the air you breathe.

Mold/Fungi. Mold spores are effectively captured by Hepa air filters, especially with the help of negative ion-producing ionizers. UV light is deadly against the microbiological toxins associated with mold. The activated carbon filtration and photocatalytic oxidation technologies used by the Intelli-Pro 3 are effective against mildew smells often emitted by household mold.

Cigarette Smoke. The carbon air filter in the Intelli-Pro 3 absorbs smoke particles and the toxic chemicals associated with cigarette smoke. With the help of the photocatalytic oxidation filter, it also helps to reduce or eliminate odors from cigarette smoke. The negative ions also remove smoke particles from air.

Chemicals and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). The carbon air filter is very effective at absorbing chemicals and gases. Also, photocatalytic oxidation has been proven to be effective at breaking up chemical compounds. Furthermore, the ionizer also helps to neutralize chemical fumes.

Germs/Viruses. The UV light is deadly against micro-organisms such as germs and viruses, and highly effective at destroying them as they pass by the UV lamp. Negative ions have also been known to help to neutralize viruses.

Odors. Both the photocatalytic oxidation filter and activated carbon air filter are effective at eliminating or reducing strong odors.

Carbon Monoxide. A statistically significant decrease of CO values was found with an ionizer activated. This was discovered by researchers at Brompton Hospital in London, and published in European Respiratory Journal.



Intelli-Pro 3 Specifications:

  • Voltage: 100-120 VAC, 60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 55 Watts (Highest Fan Setting)
  • UV Production: Sixteen UV mini-lamps
  • UV Lamp Life: 5+ years if run continuously (or more if not run continuously)
  • Sound Level (dB): Quiet (20), Low (35), Medium (45), High (52)
  • Air Volume: 180cfm (Highest Fan Setting)
  • HEPA Filter Removal Rate: 99.97% at 0.3 microns
  • Dimensions (in): 19 x 15.75 x 6.5
  • Weight (lbs): 12
  • Applicable Area: Up to 600 sq. ft.