Multi-Tech XJ-3000C Air Purifier
6 proven air-cleaning technologies in one unit, for virtually every pollutant type


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Air-cleaning technologies that are tested and recommended by Government Agencies

6 advanced purification technologies to remove nearly all pollutant types

Removed 99.5% of particles in air chamber test

High-Efficiency True HEPA filter to remove dust & allergens

Highly-absorbent activated carbon filter for odors & chemicals

Emits air-cleaning negative ions

Two germ-killing UV lamps

Programmable odor sanitizer (off by default) that has been certified to meet UL and California safety standards

Cleanable pre-filter




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See Test Results

Spare HEPA + Carbon Filter

Lasts about 12 months
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Spare UV Lamp
Lasts about 12 months
Price: $15
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Product Detail
Outperforms other top-rated air purifier models in toxin tests!

Nearly 100% effective in clinical tests, and five times more effective in toxin removal test than the competition. Also killed 100% of aspergillus mold in clinical tests. See the "Test Results" tab for more details about the testing.

Six Proven Air-Cleaning Technologies:

True HEPA Filter for the most effective protection against dust & allergens, such as pollen, ragweed, mites and mold spores. HEPA filters are recommended by the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Centers of Disease Control. (More Info)

Germicidal UV Lamp to destroy micro-organisms such as germs, viruses, bacteria and fungi (such as mold toxins). Recommended by the U.S. Centers of Disease Control and the Air Institute of Respiratory Education. Also disinfects the micro-organisms that are trapped in the HEPA filter, which is why the CDC recommends using a germicidal UV lamp and HEPA air filter together. The second UV lamp in the Multi-Tech XJ-3000C can be turned on when extra sanitization strength is needed. (More Info)

Activated Carbon Filter for chemicals, gases odors and cigarette smoke. The most absorbent filter material known to man. Recommended by the Centers of Disease Control, the Dept. of Health and Human Services and the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. (More Info)

Ionizer which disperses negative ions to seek out and remove particles & bacteria from the air. Proven by government studies to be effective, and to enhance performance of filters. Found to be highly effective in multiple U.S. Dept. of Agriculture studies. (More Info)

Programmable Sanitizer to neutralize powerful odors. Can be completely turned off when not needed. Includes High, Medium and Low settings for appropriate output according to need.

Anti-Bacterial Pre-Filter for larger particles, lengthening the life of the other filters. Pre-filters are recommended by the Dept. of Homeland Security.

Other Important Benefits:

Quiet Operation ensuring peace and quiet while running, even with its powerful fan.

Low Energy Usage ensuring low electricity costs, even if running the Multi-Tech continuously.

Low Replacement Costs. Just $25 to $50 per year for replacement filters and UV lamps.


Images from Smoke Removal Test Video:


The Multi-Tech cleared away the thick smoke in this air tight chamber in a matter of seconds.
Proof that it effectively and efficiently removes even fine particles from the air.


Everything You Need in an Air Purifier:

Proven Results.

Many air purifiers are claimed to be effective, but few on the market can provide proof that they are effective. The Multi-Tech air purifier has proven to be nearly 100% effective in clinical test results.

Most Effective Dust & Allergen Filter Available.

True HEPA filters (recommended by the Dept. of Homeland Security) are more effective than any other type of air filter at capturing dust, pollen, ragweed, dust mites, mold spores and other allergens. Furthermore, in a Journal of Hygiene study, negative ions were found to improve efficiency of filter units.


A Way to Kill Micro-Organisms.

Most air purifiers do not have a way to destroy germs, viruses and other micro-organisms. A germicidal UV lamp is the most effective way to meet this requirement. UV light air purification is recommended by the U.S. Centers of Disease Control (CDC). Multi-Tech's ionizer is also effective against micro-organisms. The U.S. Dept. of Agriculture studies show that releasing high doses of negative ions into the air can effectively reduce airborn bacteria. And negative ions are completely safe.


The Ability to Remove Chemicals, Fumes & Gases.

HEPA-only air purifiers cannot remove these prominent household pollutants from the air. An activated carbon filter is necessary for this job. According to Penn State Dept. of Aerobiology researchers, carbon filters serve to remove odors, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and chemicals that other filters cannot.


A Way to Reduce Cigarette Smoke & other Odors.

Many air purifiers also do not have an answer for most minute types of particulate, either. The Multi-Tech has multiple technologies for these miniscule pollutants and impurities, including the activated carbon filter, ionizer and programmable sanitizer.

Seeks & Destroys Pollutants Across the Room.

An ionizer (i.e. negative ion air purification) is particularly well-suited for neutralizing airborne pollutants that do not pass through the filter. The Multi-Tech circulates trillions of negative ions with a powerful fan to maximize this ability. The U.S. Dept. of Agriculture found negative ion air purification (ionizers) to be 99% effective at removing airborne dust & particles.

Certified to Be Safe.

The Multi-Tech air purifier has been awarded ETL certification, proving that it is safe to use in your home or office. It has also been certified in the state of California, and passes the UL-867 safety standard.


Like most people, you are probably too busy to remember to clean your air purifier. Fortunately, the Multi-Tech does not require maintenance, so you can get on with your life, while still experiencing pure air.





How it Works:

How the air-cleaning technologies of the Multi-Tech work concert to neutralize the broad spectrum of common household pollutants.





Dirty air enters the the air inlet.

High-Efficiency Filtration: Particles & pollutants are trapped by the 3-layer filter. The anti-bacterial pre-filter (blue) destroys bacteria and traps the larger particles, lengthening the life of the other filters. The activated carbon filter (dark gray) is the best type of air filter for trapping chemicals, gases, odors and cigarette smoke. The True HEPA filter (white) is the most effective type of air filter at capturing dust/allergens.

Germicidal UV lamp (positioned behind the filters) is the most effective air purification method available for destroying micro-organisms such as germs, viruses, bacteria and fungi (including mold).

The programmable sanitizer can be turned completely off, or activated to help reduce or eliminate odors.

Two powerful & quiet fans create strong air movement (for increased air-cleaning performance), yet do not disturb your home or office with loud noise.

A safe and effective ionizer circulates trillions of negative ions to neutralize floating pollutants throughout the room. Ionizers also enhance filter performance. Plus, the Multi-Tech ionizer creates virtually no ozone whatsoever.

The purified air, along with negative ions, are accelerated into the air.




Technologies in Order of Position in the Air-Flow Stream:

Anti-Bacterial Pre-Filter

The pre-filter is the first in line.

Preserves the life of other filters, so more pores can remain available in the activated carbon and HEPA air filters for the finer, harder-to-remove pollutants.

Helps to eliminate bacteria to help prevent them from reproducing and recirculating into the air.

Activated Carbon Air Filter

The activated carbon is next in line after the pre-filter.

The best type of air filter for trapping chemicals, gases, odors and cigarette smoke. According to Penn State Dept. of Aerobiological researchers, carbon filters serve to remove odors, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and chemicals that other filters cannot.

(More Info)

True HEPA Air Filter

After the air has moved past the pre-filter and carbon filter, removing larger particles, many bacteria, chemicals, odors, etc., it comes to the thick layer of HEPA filtration.

Removes 99.97% of particles (at .3 microns in size) that pass through the filter, as verified through strict testing procedures.

Largely considered the most effective type of air filter for solid particles, such as dust and other allergens, such as pollens, pet dander, mold spores, ragweed, dust mites, etc.

HEPA filters are recommended by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

(More Info)

Germicidal Ultraviolet Light

The UV lamp is positioned behind the HEPA air filter. The UV lamp destroys the micro-organisms (such as viruses and some bacteria) that cannot be captured by filters.

Destroys micro-organisms. UV light is scientifically proven to destroy viruses, germs, bacteria, fungi (including mold), etc.

Reduces illness & disease. UV light has been used for years by the medical field to sanitize rooms and equipment, and to prevent the spread of illness and disease.

Recommended by Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for its ability to destroy biological pollutants.

Sanitizes the HEPA Air Filter. This powerful UV lamp is positioned where it can effectively sanitize the Hepa air filter.

(More Info)


The sanitizer is completely programmable. If turned on, it ozonates the air as it passed through, along with the air in the room. It also provides added UV sanitization. This function can be turned off completely if not desired or needed.

Ozone Free Operation. By default, the ozone sanitizer is disabled. If activated, ozone output can be set to Low, Medium or High.

Powerful odor eliminator, which is a weakness of most other air purification methods.

Air Ionizer

The ionizer is located just inside the air outlet. It circulates air-cleaning negative ions into the air.

Effectively removes particulate from the air, such as bacteria, smoke, and allergens such as mold and dust mites.

Circulates ions throughout the room, in areas where the filter has little effect.

Increases the effectiveness of the HEPA by causing smaller particles to conglomerate into larger particles, according to Journal of Hygiene.

Government studies show negative ions to be effective at removing dust and micro-organisms from the air (U.S. Dept. of Agriculture).

Ozone Free. The ionizer does not produce ozone as a byproduct.

(More Info)



Clinical Test Results:

Multi-Tech XJ-3000C shown to be the best overall value in clinical tests.



Removal Rates During Clinical Testing:

 Air Purifier Model Hydrogen Sulfide Test Particle Removal Test
 Multi-Tech XJ-3000C
97.5% 99.5%
 Friedrich C-90A ($499)
 Consumer Reports Top-Rated Air Purifier


 Oreck XL Professional
53% 99.9%

 Ionic Breeze

13% 91.5%


Multi-Tech is comparable or better than major brands costing more than twice as much!


Hydrogen Sulfide Test. Each unit was tested in a sealed chamber (2 hours) for its ability to remove Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), a very difficult-to-remove toxic gas. An air purifiers ability to remove H2S is very indicative of its ability to remove chemicals, odors and other toxic contaminates.

Particle Removal Test. Each unit was placed in a sealed, smoke-filled chamber for one hour and tested for the percentage removed.

About Hydrogen Sulfide. H2S is a strong gas created by stagnant sewage, and is one of the very worst, and most difficult-to-remove pollutants known to man. An air purifiers ability to remove H2S is a good indication of its ability to remove strong odors, odor-causing toxins and volatile organic chemicals (VOCs).

Aspergillus Mold Test.
The ability of the Multi-Tech to kill aspergillus mold was also tested. In one hour of time, the Multi-Tech successfully destroyed 100% of the aspergillus mold cultures. Aspergillus is one of the most toxic and allergenic types of indoor mold.

Images from Smoke Removal Test Video:


The Multi-Tech cleared away the thick smoke in this air tight chamber in a matter of seconds.
Proof that it effectively and efficiently removes even fine particles from the air.






Customer Comments:

Great Product & Service
5/5 Stars
By: Joan- NH

I have two of these... one in the basement which eliminates any musty smells and one in the family room where the wood stove resides mainly to keep the dust/smell of wood down to a small roar. Both accomplish the tasks well and keep the areas fresh and clean. If you have need for one for a home office though I'd recommend the 8500 which is very quiet. Necessary when taking calls, etc. It also does a fantastic job at keeping the office dust down which electronic equipment always seems to collect!

Great Air Cleaner
5/5 Stars
By: Daniel Hodge

I purchased five XJ3000C air filters. I use 4 around the house and the other in my office at work. I can tell a difference from the air in the hallway when I walk into my office. It has also really helped with pet hair/odors at home and improved the overall air quality in our house.

Excellent Machine and Service
5/5 Stars
By: Elda Dellinger

It takes care of everything; from mold to cigarette smoke, and the filter is easy to change. Warranty is excellent. The motor on the fan went out on mine and the service was exceptional. I sent the unit off and got it back repaired in about 2 weeks. Exceptional service.

5/5 Stars
By: Greg Wathen

Love it so much, I bought another (D version this time)

Great Product!
5/5 Stars
By: Joe K.

Great Product ! - I have purchased two products over the years and am extremely happy to be using them. It is a great fortune to have found this company with such state-of-the-art quality products and friendly staff!

The only family of filters you will need
5/5 Stars
By: P. Sharma

We've tried many other cheaper filters. This product does the job and is extremely reliable. My wife has a lot of allergies and swears by this filter.


Great Product!
5/5 Stars
By: Kevin

I've been very happy with this. It does a great job keeping my house clean. It helps a bit with my allergies too! I'm considering buying another one for one floor of my house so I don't have to move this one around and can keep them both running. :)

Good Purifier
 4/5 Stars
By: Leigh Walters

We've had a few of the 3000C models in our house since 2009. I've been pleased with their performance as we live with 5 animals. Love my animals, but also enjoy a clean house. These purifiers have been very helpful in eliminating any pet allergens. I gave it 4 stars because I wish they were a little more powerful. I have been pleased, but I'm looking into the other models now as well as I look to replace some older units. Can't go wrong with Surround Air though!
Bought 4 SurroundAirs and Happy with them all.

 4/5 Stars
By: Lawrence Hill

My last purchase was yesterday, an 8400 for my sister but I also bought a 3000 before that for here in Florida and two others whenIived on Long Island in New York. I have been happy with every machine that I have purchased fromSurroundAir. I love yourmulti-faceted technologies that provide more confidence that my family is breathing clean fresh air. Thank youSurroundAir.

Clean Air

 4/5 Stars
By: Patricia Robertson

I have enjoyed having it for the allergy season. It really does reduce dust and pollen in the air.


Dr. Teresa Watts, M.D. - Pediatric Pulmonologist (Lung Specialist):

"I love them! I cannot overstate this enough. I have been so impressed [with the XJ-3000C]. My house is now dust-free. I have no smell or sight of mold. I've had no side effects from the purifiers either. Very interestingly, my family no longer passes viral illnesses amongst one another. If one of my sons picks up a virus or something at school, neither I nor the other child contract it now that we use the Surround Air purifiers. Before this, like in every other house, if one family member became sick, everybody would."

"It's actually been awhile since I purchased my XJ-3000C Air Purifier, but I thought I should relate my story to you. I had purchased a very small house, and a few months after moving in, I noticed that I was sneezing a lot and my eyes were very irritated by something in the air. I got a home mold testing kit and found that there was a high level of mold in the bathroom and kitchen. I considered having a professional mold removal company come in, but we know what they charge $$$. So I googled around the web for another option and came upon your website. After reading about the XJ-3000C, I thought I'd give it a shot...after all, it's not expensive and I could use less dust in the air as well. Well, as soon as I got it, I blasted the 2 rooms with the XJ-3000C on high power over the course of a couple of days and the mold was eliminated!! I also found a pipe which was leaking and was apparently the origin of the problem and replaced that. Now I continue to enjoy the benefits of this great air purifier and knowing that mold cannot beat this baby! Thanks for a top-notch product!" - G. Anderson, Connecticut

"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making such a wonderful product that saves lives! The cats THANK YOU also." - From Friends of St. Joseph Animal Shelter (St. Joseph, Missouri)

"We have been in the area hit by Hurricane Katrina ... with black mold and other bacteria. I had developed a dry cough. In just a short time I felt better and was sleeping better. I am planning on buying more for my parents who suffer with allergies. This is one of the best things I have ever purchased for my home." - James Hicks, Louisiana

"The next morning, I awoke for the first time I can ever remember with nasal passages clear enough to breath through my nose!" - L. Lanning, Ohio

"I have had the most expensive hepa filters and none compare to your product. I am so lucky to have found you." - C. McElrath, New York

"Surround Air's XJ-3000C Hepa & Ionic Air purifier surpasses my expectations in every way. Its fan is powerful yet soothingly quiet. It has a sleek design and is constructed to last." - Bob Heymann, President, Beacon Wine Company

Excerpts of Customer Reviews from Amazon:

"Had my 'c' model for a bit now and I am very happy, the bedroom is definitely clearer and I am waking up much more refreshed and less congested." - D. Fraser

"I have COPD and this filter works great. Worth every penny." - Mark

"Using in bedroom, seems to help with dog dander allergy (am on day 40 of the '100 day cough' and now developing asthma, ugh) and night time breathing is better and the room smells better. " - W. Hoyt

"I have problems with allergies and I am breathing better." - Footloose

"Great Value for the money." - Book Worm

"Small but kicks out some serious air flow." - Mike

"When the room gets stale/smelly, I turn on the ozone for an hour or two & shut the door (making sure no pet is in the room). Then I open the door back up & turn the unit back on (mine has an auto turnoff after ozone's been on) & the room smells terrific." - dharmagal

"I probably have had it even longer than 10 years- and it just runs and runs. I went with this one for the features and affordable pricing. Now I would go with it again for the longevity." - Nikita

"The air purifier is relatively quiet and it has eliminated tobacco and other odors." - Jo

"I've used a lot of different air filters/cleaners over the years and have never been so impressed." - CJ

"I move it into the bedroom at night and have noticed that I sleep better and don't have sneezing fits in the morning (standard for my whole life)." - Mommymills

"So far it does a very good job of filtering out smoke." - Susan S

"Highly recommend to eliminate mold and mildew from basements and in high humidity climates." - M. Zurat

"I took one to my home care job where the lady is a chain smoker. I found that I would leave with painful lung irritation, daily. I almost quit the job. I bought this and took it in. It has made a world of difference." - Shelly C

"Easy to move around and very effective in removing dust etc. from the air." - Diana and Bob

"Highly effective at odor removal at even the low settings, quiet at even the high settings." - J. Daniel Sawyer, Author of The Clarke Lantham Mysteries

"Live with a heavy smoker? BUY THIS! The area I am in is about 350-400 sq feet and this air purifier does the trick." -AilaReza


" I have not had a viral cold nor any kind of "bug" since purchasing this unit last year." - Ace Freely

"This unit was recommended by my allergist and we have used it annually for nearly 10 years. It freaking works, and works well." - UserBosco

"Works as advertised." - Deno

"I recently moved into a basement apartment that smelled moldy and now it always smells fresh." - Amazon Customer

"Stopped my a.m. headaches." - Breton

"If I didn't know for a fact that the mold was still there I would swear it was gone." - Girllea



U.S. Government Recommendations

U.S. Government studies and recommendations that validate technologies used in the Multi-Tech XJ-3000C air purifier.

Recommendation for Using HEPA Air Filter and UV Light Together

U.S. Centers of Disease Control Recommends Air Purifier with both HEPA Filter and UV Light.The CDC recommends the use of germicidal ultraviolet (UV) light and HEPA air filters together for the optimal combination of both capturing and destroying microbes. The Multi-Tech XJ-3000C includes both a True HEPA filter and a germicidal UV lamp.

Recommendations for HEPA Air Filter

Recommended by Dept. of Homeland Security.

HEPA air filters were developed by the Atomic Energy Commission during the second World War. They were originally designed to remove radio active dust from their plants. (HEPA Air Filter Research)

Recommendations for Germicidal UV Light (Ultraviolet)

Specified by U.S. Gov't to be used in government buildings to control micro-organisms.

The Centers of Disease Control (CDC) recommends UV lights in homeless shelters to prevent the spread of disease, particularly TB (tuberculosis).

(UV Light Research)

Recommendations for Ionizer/Negative Ion Air Purification

Found by U.S. Dept. of Agriculture (U.S.D.A.) to be highly effective against dust and bacteria. The U.S.D.A. discovered the following in recent studies conducted in a poultry house, which are notoriously polluted:

  • Reduced salmonella (bacteria) transmission between chicks by 98%.
  • Reduced airborne salmonella (bacteria) by 95%.
  • Reduced airborne dust & particles by 99% in just 60 seconds.

 (Air Ionizer/Negative Ion Research)

Recommendation for Activated Carbon Filters

In multiple studies commissioned by the U.S. Dept. of Energy, found to be very effective at removing organic chemicals. Recommended by the Centers of Disease Control, Dept. of Health and Human Services, and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

Originally used in World War II to protect U.S. soldiers from chemical warfare agents.

(Activated Carbon Filter Facts and Studies)

Recommendation for Pre-Filters

The Dept. of Homeland Security recommends using a pre-filter along with a HEPA filter, to preserve the life of the HEPA filter.



Pollutant Types Removed by the Multi-Tech XJ-3000C Air Purifier

 Pollutant Types Removed:

Type Rating Type Rating


















Just some of the many types of pollutants removed by the Multi-Tech XJ-3000C:

Dust/Dust Mites. The Hepa air filter in the Multi-Tech "C" is highly effective at capturing solid particles such as dust and dust mites. According to the Journal of Hygiene, ionizers help to increase the efficiency of filters by causing airborne particles to conglomerate, making them easier to capture in the filtration material. Plus, negative ions also cause airborne particles to precipitate out of the air you breathe, and have been found to be extremely effective at controlling dust without the presence of a filter, through studies conducted by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture. UV light can be deadly for dust mites.

Bacteria. Much of the bacteria floating around in the air can be effectively captured by the Hepa air filter, while the germicidal UV lamp serves to disinfect the bacteria trapped by the Hepa filter. Plus, according to studies by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, negative ion-producing ionizers are extremely effective at reducing airborne bacteria.

Pollen and Other Allergens. Hepa air filters are the most commonly recommended filter for allergens, and are generally considered the most effective type against them. Negative ion-producing ionizers increase the efficiency of filters by causing airborne particles to conglomerate, making them easier to capture. Plus, negative ions also cause airborne particles to precipitate out of the air you breathe.

Mold/Fungi. Mold spores are effectively captured by Hepa air filters, especially with the help of negative ion-producing ionizers. UV light is deadly against the microbiological toxins associated with mold. A second, high-powered UV light, adds to the germicidal power of the Multi-Tech "C" when activated. The activated carbon filtration, along with the programmable sanitizer, are effective against mildew smells often emitted by household molds.

Cigarette Smoke. The carbon air filter in the Multi-Tech "C" absorbs smoke particles and the toxic chemicals associated with cigarette smoke. When activated, the programmable sanitizer helps to reduce or eliminate odors from cigarette smoke. The negative ions also remove smoke particles from air.

Chemicals and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). The carbon air filter is very effective at absorbing chemicals and gases.

Germs/Viruses. The UV light is deadly against micro-organisms such as germs and viruses, and highly effective at destroying them as they pass by the UV lamp. Negative ions have also been known to help neutralize viruses.

Odors. Both the programmable sanitizer and activated carbon air filter are effective at eliminating or reducing strong odors.

Carbon Monoxide. A statistically significant decrease of CO values was found with an ionizer activated. This was discovered by researchers at Brompton Hospital in London, and published in European Respiratory Journal.



Multi-Tech XJ-3000C Specifications:

  • Voltage: 100-120 VAC, 60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 40 Watts (Highest Fan Setting)
  • Negative Ion Output: Up to 12,000,000/cm3
  • UV Wavelength: 254 nm (germicidal wavelength)
  • Air Volume: 71cfm (Highest Fan Setting)
  • HEPA Filter Removal Rate: 99.97% at 0.3 microns
  • Dimensions (in): 15 x 13 x 7.75
  • Weight (lbs): 10
  • Applicable Area: Up to 300 sq. ft.
  • Ozone Output: Less than 1.6 part per billion at 2" away from unit (UL standard is <50ppb)